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2017 – 2016 – 2015 – 2014 – 2013

----- 2017
Samedi 27 mai - soirée de soutien
Open Mic, Ateliers, Concerts, Mix

----- 2016
Femcees Fest - 27, 28, 29 Mai 
Open Mic, Ateliers, Concerts, Mix
----- 2015
Concert soutien 23 janvier
----- 2014
Femcees Fest - 06, 07, 08 et 09 Juin 
Open Mic, Ateliers, Concerts, Mix
----- 2013
Femcees Fest - du 29 mars au 1er avril
Open Mic, Ateliers, Concerts, Mix

Practical information

The festival program

Soon, the festival program to download here.

Eat in

On Thursday, the canteen of Sainté la Sassouille, militant and itinerant, proposes a free price vegan dish.
Friday and Saturday evening, succulent vegan dishes from Central and West Africa will be proposed, by the Akwaba collective (expression of welcome of the Akan ethnic group from Ghana and settled in Côte d’Ivoire).


Workshops and other surprises take place at the Amicale Laïque du Crêt de Roch :
Friday, November 2nd, opening from 11h30 to 19h
and Saturday, November 3, opening from 14h to 19h
Showings at the Clapier: Thursday, November 1st, opening of the doors at 7:30 pm, Friday at 8 pm and Saturday at 8 pm.

Adresses and Transport

    1. Clapier – 2 blvd Mendès-Fr à Saint-Étienne
      • By car :
        1. Museum parking lot, rue Charles Dupuy
        2. Le Clapier parking, Boulevard Pierre Mendès-Fr in Saint-Étienne
      • By bus : Line 7 of STAS, stop Musée de la Mine
      • By train : Saint-Etienne stop / Gare du Clapier or Châteaucreux
  1. L’Amicale Laïque du Crêt de Roch – 16 rue Royet à Saint-Étienne
    • By car : Parking Saint-Etienne Vineyard, rue de la vigne
    • By bus : Bus 21 – Lift Royet stop
    • By train : Saint-Etienne stop / Gare Carnot or Châteaucreux

Accessibility for wheelchairs

L’Amicale Laïque : the ground floor is accessible, but there is a narrow corridor to go to the toilets.
Le Clapier : accessibility in the concert hall on the ground floor. It has adapted toilets, however, the bar counter does not have a level for the disabled, and there is no elevator for access to the 1st floor.

Other information

The FemceesFest welcomes One Again TV, media RAP Lyonnais, to do interviews and videos of the event.


You can book your tickets online or on the spot the same day at the Clapier, in the limit of the places not sold in presale – to ensure you an entry we advise you to take a place now.


The FemceesFest is a Hip-Hop festival in Saint-Étienne (France) and soon in Lisboa (Portugal), which showcases the girls, who make the Hip-Hop scene locally, nationally and internationally. Since its founding in 2012, its ambition is to generate human encounters, artistic collaborations, to propose an original programming to discover artists and talented female rappers from a broad spectrum of horizons.

It’s a non-commercial and self-financed event. The artists, technicians, the cooks, the drivers, the webmasters, all participate voluntarily. The sale of the tickets, while we attempt to leave the price as accessible as possible, will finance the transport, the food and the material.

FemceesFest, the first hip-hop festival of girls in Europe !
Crowdfunding presentation
The FemceesFest needs money to finance the travel for the artists, to hire material, to pay for food, while proposing a ticket price as accessible as possible (7€ per evening, 18€ the pass for the 3 evenings). If you love hip-hop, if you feel we see too rarely women on stage, if you feel it’s important that independent and self-managed projects exist, support us ! Thank you !!!