The FemceesFest is a Hip-Hop festival in Saint-Étienne (France) and soon in Lisboa (Portugal), which showcases the girls, who make the Hip-Hop scene locally, nationally and internationally. Since its founding in 2012, its ambition is to generate human encounters, artistic collaborations, to propose an original programming to discover artists and talented female rappers from a broad spectrum of horizons.

It’s a non-commercial and self-financed event. The artists, technicians, the cooks, the drivers, the webmasters, all participate voluntarily. The sale of the tickets, while we attempt to leave the price as accessible as possible, will finance the transport, the food and the material.

FemceesFest, the first hip-hop festival of girls in Europe !
Crowdfunding presentation
The FemceesFest needs money to finance the travel for the artists, to hire material, to pay for food, while proposing a ticket price as accessible as possible (7€ per evening, 18€ the pass for the 3 evenings). If you love hip-hop, if you feel we see too rarely women on stage, if you feel it’s important that independent and self-managed projects exist, support us ! Thank you !!!